10 Things Every Bride Should Register For

Registering can be overwhelming! It's so much fun to walk around with the registry scanner and basically scan the entire store because why wouldn't you want everything at William Sonoma?  When it comes down to it though you can only really store so many serving platters and wine glasses.  Although they are great, and useful gifts, you really do need some practical items to get you started AND that will last you a really long time.  If taken care of properly these things can last for years.... my mom has a 30 year old food processor that still works great!

Le Cruset 2.75 Quart Round French Oven

This is nice for soups, stews, sauces, even roasting.  It's a well-made brand that will last. 

2 Good Skillets

I really like All-Clad Stainless Steel, and I recommend these over non-stick.  If the surface of non-stick skillets get scratched it can release toxins.... which I'd prefer not to have in my food for myself or my family.

2 Smaller Sauce Pots

I also like my All-Clad pots! I have a small and medium size pot. 


OXO rubber spatulas


wooden spoons


tongs with rubber tips


Good knives

You can always ask advice at the store you are registering at for their opinion.

Measuring cups For

Dry Ingredients


Liquid Ingredients

Yes, you need separate ones! Please don't even try to measure dry ingredients in a wet ingredient measuring cup!

Baking Sheets and/or a Baking Set

Starting out with a set when you have nothing is smart because then you get a little bit of everything. 

Measuring Bowls

Useful for cooking AND baking 

Different Types of Serving Platters

I would say you need 3 good serving platters to start out! All different sizes. 

Hand Mixer

Although we all dream of the stand mixer (and yes register for that too... you might get lucky) a hand mixer is useful for cooking as well as baking.  I'm convinced you can do just about anything with a hand mixer that you can with a stand mixer... it's just more of a workout!