5 S'mores Recipes Perfect For Summer

maria provenzano

It’s no secret, s’mores make me happy! I mean, who doesn’t love a good s’more? Really, whoever thought of this dessert really deserves a tiara or something equally as special because it is one of the best flavor combinations. Smooshy (not a really word according to my autocorrect, but I like it) marshmallow mixed with rich chocolate and crunchy graham cracker…heaven!

Here is a list of 5 s’more recipes you need to try…ASAP!

1. S’mores Shortbread Cookies: This is a fun way to change up the traditional graham cracker! These shortbread cookies are crumbly like a graham cracker and add a great gourmet flavor. It’s something fun and different to change up the traditional graham cracker if you are a cookie monster like me.


2. S’mores Cookie Bars: This may be the best dessert ever! I created a recipe that has a cookie base with graham crackers mixed in, then topped it with homemade marshmallows and the most wonderful fudge frosting! You will not miss the bonfire with this one, I promise.

s'more cookie bar

3. S’mores on a stick: This one is really fun! You can make this recipe with homemade marshmallows or store-bought. It’s a perfect idea if you are on-the-go or great for a party.

s'more on a stick

4. Chocolate Marshmallow Tart: Beyond Butter is one of my favorite food bloggers. She takes such beautiful pictures and creates really cool recipes like this new take on a s’more! Make this recipe if you want to get extra fancy this summer.


5. Grilled Peach S’mores: How fun are these!? I LOVE fruity desserts so part of my is actually mad that I didn’t think of this one myself. I found this recipe on delish.com and I cannot wait to try it!

peach s'mores

Pick your favorite s’mores and say farewell to summer in the best way possible. Which recipe are you most excited to try? I want to see which recipe (or recipes) you end up making. Share your s’mores photos with me on social by tagging @fromscratchwithmaria or using the hashtag #fromscratchsquad.