5 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution

I am a huge fan of New Years Resolutions because it forces you to take a step back and evaluate your life.  Setting goals and organizing your thoughts can be very inspirational.  It's always fun to start a new year!

1- Keep your eye on the prize!  Either have a picture or write down what your New Years Resolution is and put it somewhere that you can see it at least once every day to remind you.

2- Feel good about it! No one should add something into their life that makes them feel bad daily.  Choose a resolution to make your life better.  Speak positively about what you have chosen.

3- Write it down!  People who write their goals down are much more likely to achieve them, but you have to feel good about them.  When feeling off track, write down 5 positive things about your resolution.

4- Have a reason!  It's probably not best to choose weight loss as your resolution just because you want to be skinny.  It's better to choose weight loss as a resolution because you want to enhance the quality of your life, be healthier, and feel more confident.  If getting in shape is your resolution then have a goal that you want to accomplish like running a 10K.

5- Challenge yourself! Choose a resolution that is going to challenge you to dig down deep to find out something about yourself you didn't know you had in you.  Think of something that you have always wanted to accomplish and do it!

No idea what your New Years Resolution should be?? Here are a few life enhancing ideas.....

- Complain less.... replace your complaints with positive thoughts/statements 
- Get involved in at least one charity
- Take up a new workout.... yoga, spinning, pilates... and do it at least once a week!
- Quit smoking..... enough said...
- Read one book a month
- Pick up a new hobby.... golf, knitting, hiking, cooking....
- Learn to cook and/or bake!  Make one new thing a week.
- Enhance the relationships in your life.  Be the one to pick up the phone or send an email at least once a month

Track your success!!! This company that I found on Etsy called PlumPaper has all different kinds of planners.... fitness, personal, for meals, for teachers....etc.... You can have them personalized with your name AND they are really cute so you will want to use it!

Happy 2013! It's going to be a great year!