6 Things To Do When You Find Out You're Pregnant

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most surreal experiences you will ever have!  I didn't really know what to do when I found out besides the fact that I had to go see a doctor.  The rest of the things just kind of fell into place.  Soooo I'm not an expert, but it is something I am just going through and thought that these would be things I would have wanted to know going into the "finding out" stages of pregnancy. 

1. Find a doctor/book your appt.  My husband and I were not "trying" to have a baby.... we simply pulled the goalie and got lucky, BUT many of his friends either had babies or were pregnant so I had spoken with them (even before we got married) about doctors and hospitals.  I am an OCD planner so I figured it would be better to know these things earlier rather than later.  Soooo the day I found out I was pregnant I actually called the doctor two of my very picky and trustworthy friends used, booked my appointment and I have been going to her for everything.  So.... advice.... research now even if you aren't planning on getting pregnant.

2. Think of a fun way to tell your husband and family.  It just makes it even more exciting!

3. Make a chalkboard.  Ok you don't really have to do this, but it's so fun and such a great way to celebrate and document the progress.

4. Just breathe.  You are totally normal if you take like 2 million pregnancy tests.  I took 6 (on different days) and from the conversations I have had with people that is A LOT LESS than what many women take.  You play a lot of head games with yourself because you start reading websites and thinking about way too many options of what could happen.  The first trimester is kind of scary because it is such a sensitive time, you can't really tell anyone (even though I probably told way too many people than I should have), and you aren't totally sure what you are supposed to do.  I am now a complete expert since I have graduated to my second trimester... kidding, I'm sure I will have my crazy moments in this trimester too... but from all of the women I have talked to it is totally normal to think you are going crazy! Just keep calm, do yoga, keep a journal, and eat/drink things that your body wants (unless its soda, no one should drink soda), and think positive thoughts.  I kept telling myself to create an environment that I would want my baby to grow in and that was calm, positive, and only slightly crazy on the days when your hormones hate you and make you cry from something as small as a commercial on TV.... the second trimester gets better!

5. Don't believe everything you read.  Everyone goes through a very different first trimester.  Some people get really sick, some don't, some are exhausted, some can't even stand the thought of eating food.  Just do what makes you comfortable.  I think I read way too much because I wasn't super sick and I read that it was bad if you weren't sick.... but here I am in my second trimester and my baby has had a super strong heartbeat since our first ultrasound at 7 weeks.  I also read that people don't start showing till their 4th month.... ummmm this girl started showing at about 9 weeks and definitely in my 11th week.  I'm not a big person to begin with so if I'm growing somewhere it's going to show!   Soooo I know you will read every website like I did, but just keep in the back of your mind that no two pregnancies are the same and however you feel is normal for you..... you aren't crazy!

6. Buy new bedding AND a pregnancy pillow!  As a pregnancy gift my mom actually sent us new bedding as well as a pregnancy pillow.  It was something that didn't cross my mind, but I am here to tell you..... DO THIS!!! Sleeping is so important and not always easy when you are pregnant so try to make it as nice as possible.  The new bedding is soft and comforting.  The pregnancy pillow (which I didn't think I was going to need until my second trimester) made sleeping much easier because it supported my back and made it so I didn't have to lay completely flat.  DO THIS!