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baby products

baby products

I can read as much as I want from websites and books, but I definitely get the best baby advice from other moms.  When I was pregnant and registering I had no idea what I was doing.  Now that my baby is almost 6 months old and we are going to the playground and play groups I talk to moms who have kids and get the scoop on what products work and what don't.  A lot of it is a process of elimination… everyone wants to know the best diapers or the best toys and honestly some of those things depend on the baby's preference once they get here.  Now that we are almost half way through his first year I know my baby's personality and what works for him, but he is constantly growing and evolving.  Although I can't predict what diapers your baby will like the best I can let you know the products that I find useful.

Haiden Surf UV Protective Board Shorts:

Summer is getting close and it has been really warm here is Los Angeles.  We also have a trip planned to Disney World in a couple weeks so it was time for swim suits!  I LOVE these really fun swim trunks from Haiden Surf.  They have SPF protection and with babies especially that is so important.  They have rash guards (aka: tops), board shorts, hats, t-shirts… check out the site for babies and toddlers.

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer:

I live and breathe by this thing.  My addiction was a little more intense when I had started breastfeeding and he was eating 2-3 hours and not really on a set schedule.  Because when you have a new baby home the last thing you want to do is try and remember what time it was when you fed them and which side you started on…. trust me, when you have mommy brain you will not remember.  This takes all the questions away.  Just press it and it will keep track of how long "itzbeen" so you don't have to.  In the very beginning I did do logs to make sure I knew how many times I was feeding my baby, but this was still so nice because it just makes your life easier!

Edushape Play Mat:

 I wish I would have had this sooner! It doesn't matter if you have hardwood floors or carpets because when babies are doing their ever important daily "tummy time" they put their faces into whatever it is that they are laying on.  PLUS you are right their with them on the floor.  I had always put him on his activity gym, but this play mat made it so easy to put him on the ground so I didn't worry if he rolled around and I could get on the mat with him.  This gives them as much freedom as it does mom! I like this one in particular because it is non-toxic.  These are much easier to make sure they remain clean and sanitary for the baby to be on opposed to the floor.

JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket:

I was out on the playground with a friend and our babies and she invited a very nice (and knowledgeable) friend to come meet us with her 10 month old girl.  While I was sitting on my regular blanket she busted out this great outdoor blanket for the kids to play on.  Soooo smart! It's perfect because you can put it on the grass or concrete and it makes a soft/clean place for the kids to play.  Even better… at the age that my son is right now he drools all over everything and this makes clean up so much easier.  If it was a regular blanket like I had it would be full of dirt on the bottom and soaked with spit.  Instead, with this blanket everything is easy to clean and doesn't get dirty! Brilliant… I ordered one as soon as I got home that day.

thinkbaby sunscreen:

I am always so scared that my baby's sensitive skin is going to burn so easily! I load him up with this thinkbaby sunscreen.  This one seems to work for us and I love the smell! If your baby is bald like mine then I also recommend a hat!

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