Beautiful Monday: Backless and Strapless

A couple dresses that I chose for bridal events for my wedding were backless.  I went on a hunt for some kind of support since I think going completely braless for wedding events could look a little tacky!

NuBra makes a backless and strapless that sticks to your skin.

NuBra Seamless and Super Light

(This is the one I used)

These other options look useful as well:

NuBra Feather Lite Super Lite

What I like about all of these is the snap in the front.  That way you can control how much lift you want. They are reusable and come in other sizes and colors.

A word of advice when applying these.... you want to make sure your skin is clean.  Do not use lotion or anything of that nature in the area where you are sticking the bra because it won't stay. They can get a little heavy by the end of the day, but at least they allow you to wear a variety dress and top options.