Beautiful Monday: Beaute de Maman


For all the pregnant ladies out there!

 A lot of women experience problems with their skin during pregnancy because of those crazy hormones, and there is NOTHING you can use.  First, you don't want to be putting extra chemicals and medicines on your skin (even if they are doctor approved) and second... even if you do get something prescribed and approved by your doctor it doesn't mean it will actually work!  I was not super excited about using a topical prescribed by my dermatologist, but I thought I would give it a shot.  It actually made my skin worse!! Sooooo I started looking online and reading different posts by other pregnant women about their skin on discussion boards and stumbled across a product line called Beaute de Maman.

This line was created by an OB/GYN specifically for pregnant women.... finally!! I ran it by my doctor and she approved.  It is the only thing I felt comfortable using during pregnancy and it actually worked better than the "medicine" that my dermatologist suggested.   With all of the other things you worry about during pregnancy this is at least something you can check off your list as safe for baby and helpful for mom!