Beautiful Monday: Getting Clean

If you haven't tried using a


.... it's time!  

This product is constantly getting great reviews for skincare and helping with anti-aging.  It's like a mini facial every time you wash your face. 

... Just a few of the benefits...

*It removes make-up and dirt much better than just using a wash cloth

*It's gentle enough to use twice a day

*They make one for just the eye area to reduce lines and wrinkles

*It helps balance skin tone and allows your skin to better absorb products which make them more effective

*Because it cleans out the pores it helps reduce their size

When I am using my


at night I like to do a quick wash with just water and face wash to get the majority of the make-up off.  Then I wash my face with face wash and the


.  I feel like that helps keep the brush stay cleaner longer if you are a make-up fan like me.  When you get your


they give you the proper instructions on how to take care of it and keep it clean which include cleaning the brush and replacing it over time. 

Lastly.... if you have acne prone skin I highly recommend using the

Clarisonic brush

that is meant for


.  It will prevent the bacteria from spreading around and causing more breakouts.  

Happy Cleaning!