Beautiful Monday: Pouty Pink

 Spring always makes want to dress in pastel clothes wear lipstick!  I spent way too much time playing at the Nordstrom in the Santa Monica Mall last weekend, and found some really pretty pink shades that are irresistible.   I don't know what it is about wearing pink in the Spring, but it is like wearing red in the fall... it's just fun! There is something to be said for adding a little lipstick to your day.  It just makes you feel a little bit more done up and ladylike. With the first day of Spring coming this week... here are some ideas for a new addition to your make-up collection.


MAC Lipstick "Angel"

I really like this creamy lipstick from MAC.  It has good pigment to it which helps the color last.


MAC Tinted Lipglass "Snob"

For those anti-lipstick people out there... this gloss from MAC is really pretty.  I am a huge fan of MAC glosses because they really do stick on your lips without spreading everywhere (and they always smell so good).


Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour "Gracile"

Of course Chanel always has such beautiful products.  I'm a fan of their Spring 2013 Make-Up Collection.  It's feminine (as you can see in the picture above from their site) but still sophisticated.  Their lipstick is very smooth and has a bit of a glossy finish to it so you almost feel like you added a gloss to it.