Beautiful Monday: The Cat Eye

No, not the make-up cat eye that you would normally find on one of my "Beautiful Monday" posts.  I usually leave the fashion up to my sister over at The HSS Feed, but these are too good to not talk about.  I'm officially obsessed with this cat eye sunglass look!  It reminds me of the Barbie sunglasses that we used to play with when we were kids.  You can find some really nice ones like the #1 Tom Ford, that I am going to die over, but you can find cute ones at a decent price like the #3 DKNY.  I have also seen these at boutique shops around LA for a range of prices..... it doesn't matter if you splurge or save this is a really fun trend to try! 


Tom Ford Cat Eye Sunglasses

These are for sure a splurge.... but I LOVE them!!!!


Kate Spade Angelique Cat Eye Sunglasses



Great price!


Kathmere Cat Eye

Great price AND there are other fun colors.