Beauty: How to clean and dry make-up brushes

makeup brushes

makeup brushes

Poor make-up brushes! I find that people treat them so badly.  I can't say that I have been wonderful to mine in the past, but once you invest in some nice brushes they are definitely worth taking care of.  Plus if you take care of them your make-up will go on nicer, you will have less skin problems if you keep them clean, and your brushes will last longer.

I did a post on how to clean your make-up brushes in the past, but I will say that I have found a much better, easier, and smarter way! I have found that using a gentle face wash that removes oil is the best thing to use for make-up brushes.  I use CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser.  It removes the oils without stripping the brushes.  The biggest change though... how to dry them! I used to lay them flat, but this way is so much better.  I use small hair bands to wrap the brush around a drying rack upside-down! This way the water will not go back down the brush which is usually what starts to ruin them!

Here's what you need:

make-up brushes

gentle face wash (like CeraVe)

small hair bands

a drying rack or bar to dry them on

How you do it:

*First get your sink water to a warm but not extremely hot temperature

*Wet the make-up brush with the water and then apply a small amount of soap to the brush (amounts vary depending on the size of the brush)

*Use your hands to work the soap into the brushes and rinse

*Repeat! I recommend repeating because generally the first time will not get everything

*Do this until you cannot see any residual make-up leaving the brush

*Gently squeeze out the excess water with a clean towel

*Form the brush while wet so that all the bristles are smooth and all in the same direction

*Place a hair band on the back of the bar and stretch it so that it folds over the bar

*Place the make-up brush in the two openings that are folded over the bar (check out the pictures!)

*Allow to dry overnight or until completely dry to touch

***Clean your brushes once a week to keep them well maintained and sanitary***

makeup brushes

makeup brushes

makeup brushes

makeup brushes

makeup brushes

makeup brushes