Crafting Favorites

crafting with Maria Provenzano

crafting with Maria Provenzano

Crafts seem to be overwhelming to people.  If it's something that sparks your interest even just to do little things for the holidays, to have a creative outlet, spend time with kids, or make memories with family and friends then I recommend starting!  Pick one project, get the items for it, then pick another project that uses one or more of those items and grow from that.  There are some staples that I recommend and I'm sharing with you some of the ones that will help get you started.  I have been crafting so much lately and when I got started I felt intimidated by all of the amazing crafters out there, but when you get the ball rolling your mind starts to think more creatively.  I will say that if you make something with your own hands, spend time with other people doing it, and display your work, then you will feel so accomplished!  It's really fun.

 Crafting Favorites

Paint Brushes; This opens a lot of doors.  When you paint one thing you will want to paint everything!

Glitter; It gets everywhere, but makes things really pretty.

Fabric Scissors; I use these when I am cutting ribbon for everything because it leaves a clean line without causing the fabric to fray. It's nice for projects as well as gift wrapping.  Just make sure you only use these for fabric.

Glue Gun; This is probably my favorite crafting tool.  You would think these are expensive, but they aren't! This is another thing that opens a lot of doors in the crafting world.

Mod Podge;  This is my new obsession.  It's an amazing creation!  It's really great sticky glue BUT it dries nice and clean.  For example, I made these really beautiful glittered wine bottles for New Years Eve and used mod podge to stick the glue on and once it dried I applied a coat of it over the glitter so that the glitter stayed on and didn't get everywhere.  It's amazing!

Craft Paint; I use this for everything from banners to flower pots to shirts!

Brown Kraft Paper; I love using this for gift wrapping because it's a blank slate that allows you to be creative.

Mason Jars; There are about a million and one mason jar DIYs out there!

Burlap; I use burlap a lot for holiday banners.  I love the simple rustic elegance of it.  If you can find it in ribbon that works too!

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