Embrace your bed head

Embrace Your Bed Head

Embrace Your Bed Head

How lucky are we that the sassy bed head look is in style?! It's a double edged sword because you want it to look messy but if you actually walk out of the house with your real bed head it might be scary so you still need to actually "do" your hair.  The best part is that the real bed head can work to your advantage.  I'm a fan of the look and I wanted to share a few ways to make it more fresh and pretty.  When I was working as a stylist I would say that the most frequently asked question from clients was "how do I curl my hair like that?" and this is an easy way for that day (or two) old unwashed bed head hair.  I was asked by the lovely people at Casper if I had any tips to #ownyourbedhead.  Casper is helping people have better nights so that they can have better days "because everyone deserves a great night's sleep!" Check out their website for information on their comfy mattresses and how you can do a 100 night trial!! They are made in the US and will ship to your doorstep.

There are a few things that you need for good bed head hair and I will explain in the steps how and why I use them.

1.  Wake-up and make coffee... start there...

2. If your hair is a day or two from a wash then you may want to use some baby powder or dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil and give your hair texture.  It also leaves your hair feeling (and smelling) fresh.  Start by sprinkling (or spraying) a small amount at the scalp and use your finger to blend in so that it doesn't look white.  Start with a very small amount and use more if you need... be careful to not add too much or you will look like you have white hair!

3.  I section my hair from ear to ear separating the front and back.  Then I start by making a vertical section in the back and curl the left side then the right side with a 1 inch curling iron (1.25 inch is good too).  Each section of hair should be about 1 inch.  Make sure to leave the ends of the hair out of the iron since this helps create that undone not-so-perfect look. Then I make another vertical section working my way from the bottom to the top

4.  Once I am done with the back I finish in the front with vertical sections working from the bottom of the section up.  Making sure to leave the ends out of the iron.

5.  I like to follow up with the curling wand (aka the hot stick) to create some other small curls.  I look at where the style needs more volume and texture and add curls into where it might look flat. I do this to make it not look so perfect which can happen when you use the same size iron for the entire head of hair.

6.  I like leaving the ends out when doing this as well... make sure not to burn your fingers.

7.  Once all my curls have cooled I go underneath all of my hair and place my hands on my scalp and rub my fingers on my scalp to mess up my hair.  It creates that tousled look while adding volume.  I find myself doing this whenever I do my hair or am getting ready.

8. If you are looking for more volume on the top you can slightly change up your part by taking a section to make a deeper part.

9. Drink more coffee and enjoy your sassy bed head hair!

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