Flying Food

I am very excited to fly home to Michigan for Thanksgiving!  The downside is, of course, the craziness that goes along with the holiday travel.  Airports are starting to have more healthy food options for people, but I always bring my own food.  For some reason the thought of being on a plane for 5 hours with no food sounds like the worst thing ever!  

Here are some of my favorite things to pack for the plane!

PB&Fruit sandwich!

 An old favorite that is super easy and portable.  I recommend using whole wheat bread with no preservatives AND look at the label on your peanut butter.  The only ingredients that should be in there are "Peanuts and Salt."  On top of that you can add strawberries, blueberries, and/or raspberries instead of jelly.  That way you get the fruit flavor that you want without the sugar.  I recommend using a fruit brand that you can feel good about, like WishFarms.  Great quality fruit from a company with high standards for their products.  It is another way to pack more fruit into the day. 

Apples, carrots, and bananas!

They travel well and stay good for a long time.  


 Be careful though because a lot of store bought granolas have processed sugars.  So I either make my own (

Maria's Granola

) or I like the Go Raw Chocolate Granola.  

Safe Travels!