Give A Bottle Of Cheer

Time for wine!

Wine is always a great/safe hostess gift, but it can be a little boring.  It's fun to dress it up!  That way it gives them something to display for a bit and then also unwrap instead of just being handed a bottle. 

Wine Santa                 Wine Christmas Present

These are so festive and easy!

*Wrap both bottles with red tissue paper

*Then for the "Present" cover the top with the same ribbon you are using for the bow

*Tie a big bow with the ribbon (Note: I found that using the wire ribbon worked best because it holds it's shape so much nicer.  A regular ribbon can look droopy). 

*Secure the bow onto the bottle. I used a glue gun to secure, but you can use regular glue as well.

*For the "Wine Santa" I used black tissue paper for the belt 

*Then cut aluminum foil in the shape of the buckle

*Secure with tape

*For the hat... I folded a piece of red paper in half and just, freehand, drew a Santa Hat shape.  (The part that is folded is the top of the hat)

*The cut out white paper to add to the bottom and the top of the hat. 

*You can use a glue-stick or tape to secure the white pieces to the red part of the hat

*Then with the open part on the bottom, place over the wine bottle 

Here is a view from the back (sorry not the best picture!) so that you can see how the hat is folded over the bottle and there is white on both sides so that it looks good from the front and back.