Heart Strings

Not enough time to shop for Valentine's decorations?

Don't want to spend unnecessary money on overpriced decorations?

I love decorating for any holiday!  When it comes to important decorating, like drapes or chairs, I have no idea what I am doing.... but holiday decorations... that I can do.  I find that a lot of store-bought decorations can tend to look cheap.  I think it's great to invest in a few nice items to put out every year and then make some of the other decorations.

This Heart String garland is SO EASY to do.  All you need is paper (whatever color you like), a stapler, and scissors.  You can get very OCD and measure the size of strips you would like, but I like to just cut them free-hand.

*Fold the cut strip in half and then use a stapler to secure the ends together in a shape of a heart

*Then for the next heart, doing the same thing, but overlap the previous heart at the bottom and use a staple to secure.

*You can use this to decorate any room!  Circle around a lamp, drape over the head of your bed or a chandelier, hang around your door frame, even use on your table around a vase of flowers.  This is where you step in and get creative.