How To Make French Press Coffee

Ahhh my favorite part of the morning...

I LOVE coffee... if I had to choose one vice that would be it!

You do not need a big expensive machine to make great coffee.  I use a

French Press

 every day... I find that I like the taste much better than making it with a regular coffee maker.  It is much more flavorful because the grinds sit in the water for much longer than just having the water drip through it and paper to mask it's taste.

You can buy a

French Press

at a number of places like Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond OR just order it online from


Here's how I make my coffee...

I grind my coffee fresh every morning using a

coffee grinder

.  You can buy yours pre-ground, but it will not be as fresh or flavorful.  If you love coffee as much as I do then a


is a good investment (they run about $60).

I recommend using organic coffee to be sure of it's quality.  The coffee needs to be coarsely ground.  You cannot use the same grinds that you could in a regular coffee maker because the grinds are so small that they will go through the filter.

*Knowing how many cups you want to make, scoop the grinds into the press.  Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is one heaping tablespoon per 4 ounces.  I usually make 12 ounces and do 3 very heaping tablespoons. 

*Heat your water just till it boils

*Let it sit a minute before pouring

*Pour your desired amount of water into the press.  

*Using a non-metal spoon, gently stir the water and grinds.  You will see a "bloom" happen that looks a bit like foam... that's what you want!

*Put the lid on the press, but do not push the filter down yet.

*Let brew for 5-7 minutes... the coarser the grounds the longer it should brew.  Do not leave it for too long over that time though because it could become bitter.

*Then slowly press the filter down. 

*Wait about 30 seconds to allow any sediment to settle and then pour into your mug!

I add

good quality, local, organic creamer to my coffee

.  If I don't have that then I drink it black.

Straus Family Creamery

 makes my favorite creamer ever!

Another addition to my coffee that I find I enjoy more in the fall and winter is the addition of cinnamon.  


has an amazing variety depending on what you like.  Lately I have been in love with the "China Cinnamon" because still has that good spice flavor, but it a little more on the sweet side.  If you like more spice then go for the "Vietnamese Extra Fancy."

Using a French Press is really simple and inexpensive! I highly recommend trying it out because if you think that you like your coffee already then you are really going to LOVE this!