Light Up The Party

Ugly sweater parties are so fun! They force everyone to let go and not take themselves too seriously.  I went to an ugly sweater party this past weekend and it was so fun.  I borrowed a sweater from a friend at work, but I wanted to make it even more festive.

When my sister and I were kids my mom actually made us Christmas sweaters that lit up! Sooo I went to Michael's and got a set of lights that come attached to a battery pack.  Sweaters make it easy because you can just poke the lights through and then sew them on the inside.  

All lit up!

Accompanied by ornament earrings, wrapping ribbon for the bow in my hair, and my husband in a turtleneck! 

The earrings are small ornaments that I attached to a pair of studs.  

Just a few extra touches that make dressing up more fun!