Lucky Hair

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day?? 

Here's a Shamrock craft you can use for anything!

What you need:

*Green Felt

*Green Thread 

*A needle

*Scissors (See note below)

*Glue (I used a hot glue gun)

*A hair pin or headband

Here's what you do:

A Note on Scissors

: For the cleanest lines while cutting any fabric or thread I recommend buying a pair of craft scissors that you just use for those things.  If you start using scissors for paper, cardboard, etc... it wears down the blades which causes them to snag fabric.  If you are having difficulty getting clean lines than this is most likely why.  If you like doing crafts, wrapping gifts with ribbon, or sewing here or there, then it is a good idea to get some "fabric" scissors to have around.  

*Start by cutting the felt into four heart-like shapes  

*Thread the needle so that there is enough thread on both sides

*Squeeze one of the heart-like pieces in half and thread the needle through until the piece reaches the end of the needle.  (Don't thread all the way through yet)

*Do the same with the other 3 heart-like shaped pieces 

*Use your fingers to bunch the bottom of them together

*Pull the needle through so that half of the thread comes through (see 3 pictures below)

(Note: The picture below is to show you how the string should be pulled through.  It's best not to let the shape get this loose because it will be hard to get back together nicely.)

*Keeping the shape tightly together tie a double knot with the thread to secure

*Fluff and move the pieces as needed to shape

*You can use whichever side you think is the prettiest to be the front!

*Use any glue you would like, but I do recommend a hot glue gun

*Set the front of the shamrock face down and apply a dot of glue

*Set the hair pin on the dot of glue and allow to dry

*Use your hands or another hair pin wipe away any glue that is excessive which may cause the clip to not open completely. 

... This shamrock can be used for other decorations as well...

Time to get creative!