Make Everything a Chalkboard

I wanted to make use of a really nice frame that I had laying around by turning it into a chalkboard.  I had no idea how EASY it actually is.  

All you need is chalkboard paint, brushes.... and something to paint on!

*Paint outdoors for best ventilation 

*Depending on what you are painting on you might need to sand it down to make it a smoother and more even surface. 

*Paint your first coat and let dry for 1 hour

*Paint your second coat and let dry for about 24 hours

*Prep it for writing by lightly scraping the entire thing with chalk and wiping clean with a towel 

Draw a calendar, fun quotes, schedules, menus.... etc.... 

I have actually seen an entire wall painted with chalkboard paint for a kids room.  Definitely fun for playtime! 

This Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint gets a great review from me. I have zero complaints and can't wait to turn more things into a chalkboard!!