Mommy Diaper Bag Favorites

mommy diaper bag favorites maria provenzano

mommy diaper bag favorites maria provenzano

All moms have their favorite things that they love and recommend.  I can say that I have learned the most about products from other moms.  It's overwhelming when you are a new mom and look at the millions of products that are out there.  Honestly, the best way to learn what you like is to take recommendations and test out the millions of products.  I am always trying new things, but there are some that I can strongly recommend!!  These are my Mommy Diaper Bag Favorites. 

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag; I actually didn't register for a diaper bag, but was lucky enough to receive this from very stylish friends.  I love this bag.  It can be a backpack or worn over the shoulder.  It has a lot of pockets, a changing pad that zips in, and fits a good amount of things without being too bulky.  Whatever size bag I own I pack it till I fill it.  This bag lets me pack just enough for my obsessive planning, but not too much where it gets overly heavy.

The Honest Company Baby Powder; If you are going to a playground with sand or a beach then you need to bring baby powder with you.  It is THE best to get stuck on sand off of kid's feet, hands, anything!  I promise you this works.  I use it all of the time when we go to the beach and it helps remove the sand that gets stuck on my baby's spitty hands. 

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer;  It goes without saying that there are SO many germs out there.  When you are at parks or around kids in general there are everywhere.  Plus, with changing diapers all of the time you don't always have a sink around.  Hand Sanitizer is a must.  I love this one from The Honest Company because it smells really pretty and doesn't dry out your hands.  

Aveeno Baby Sunscreen;  It's always good to have it on hand!  

Arm and Hammer Waste Bags; If you go to someone's house that doesn't have kids and you have to change your child's diapers then it's best to carry these little guys around with you.  People who don't have kids don't really want that lingering smell around their house.  Unlike people who have kids and diaper bins they don't really have the means to ditch the diaper.  If you use this trash bag it takes away that smell.  It's also smart to have around if you are out and about and don't have a trash can around.  They are small rolls that fit nicely into the diaper bag. 

Neutrogena Baby Face Sunscreen; It's best to have a separate sunscreen for the baby's face. Some sunscreen can get into their eyes if they get wet.  Better to be cautious.  

Baby Ball Cap;  My son doesn't have a ton of hair...we are getting there... but I always take a hat with me in case we spend a lot of time outside then I don't have to worry about him getting his sensitive scalp burned. 

Truffle Bag; I LOVE this!! My sister actually got this for me to use as a make-up bag.  I noticed that she used it for diapers and I thought it was a brilliant idea! If you pack diapers up separate they get all wrinkled and bent up PLUS they take up a lot of space.  These Truffle bags keep them together and clean. 

Babyganics Face and Baby Wipes;  I'm pretty sure I have tried every baby wipe that's out there.  I like these ones because they are good for the entire body, organic, good size, and they WORK!  I always carry wipes with me for wiping my sons nose, face, hands, basically anything he gets dirty. 

Happy Tot Baby Food Pouch; I always carry food with me!  If we are in the car, on a walk, at the name it I always come prepared.  I carry at least one of these pouches with me in my diaper bag. 

Aquaphor; This cures everything.  I don't care what anyone else says...if your child has diaper rash this will fix it!  I carry it around because it's a good moisturizer, but it's good diaper rash prevention as well. Try it out!