Mommy Must Haves for Summer

Summer baby and mommy

Summer baby and mommy

Yay summer!!!

I think summer is a little bittersweet for moms with kids of allages.  I have an 8 month old and since I am an old Italian bag lady I seem to overpack for every situation and worry about him getting sunburnt like 99 percent of the time.  It's been warm in Los Angeles since March so I would say that I have had my hits and misses when it comes to going to the beach and pool.  Here are a few of my favorites!

butter nail polish:

What I love about this polish is that it is 3 free! Meaning it is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.  I know a lot of moms don't get their nails done because they don't want to have harmful chemicals around their babies so this is great for those days you want to feel extra pretty without the worry!

Rash guards for mom, baby boy, and baby girl:

Not only are rash guards super cute they also are great sun protection... the OCD parent's dream!

Baby Go Pod:

This is so fun for kids who aren't walking yet.  Babies that are crawling and need to be contained, so they don't crawl into the pool or get covered with sand, will find refuge in the Go Pod.  It's a great place to keep them entertained while you are either running crazy with other kids... or having a poolside cocktail.  Both of which are very important.

Baby Powder:

Not for the diaper area... but to help get off all that sand! The baby powder helps make their skin not-so-sticky which makes the sand easier to remove.

Baby Face Sunscreen:

I like this specifically because you would hate if your baby's face got wet and then the sunscreen went in their eye.  My only critique is that it doesn't spread like a lotion would, but it is the best for their sensitive skin and eyes.

MD MOMS Baby Silk Sunscreen Towelettes:

These are so smart! They are waterproof and even safe enough for babies under 6 months! Definitely worth a try.