Pregnancy Books To Read

preggo books

preggo books

Alright pregnant women... I come to you almost 8 months pregnant with my opinion on a couple books you might want to open up by this point in your pregnancy. In your first trimester don't bother reading these couple books... they will only overwhelm you.  Read these when you get to about 5 months and you can relate.  In the first few months of pregnancy there are so many reliable websites that you can get information on about pregnancy like,, and, that I feel like you don't necessary need a pregnancy advice book.  These sites will provide you with all the information you need to know about what to eat, what not to eat, how big the baby is, what the baby is up to in there, and all of the scientific stuff that is useful and will make you jaw dropped at how amazing your body is for creating an actual person!

If you want to read about being pregnant I HIGHLY suggest reading The Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy because it isn't a fact sheet that will explain why your boobs are getting so big... it is a book that will make you feel like you are not alone in feeling what you are feeling.  The author, Vicki Iovine, is hilarious! I would laugh out loud reading this book because it's so true.  I recommend reading this book at least around your 4th or 5th month of pregnancy because it might freak you out if you haven't gone through some of the very real topics she talk about.  Also, around that time you will be wondering what to really expect towards the end of pregnancy and she will honestly spill it out to you.  She talks about real life experiences that she has gone through and all of her "Girlfriends" which makes you feel like you are getting some great advice from a friend instead of reading a fact sheet that explains that 40-50 percent of women gain "X" amount of weight and you are crazy if you gain more or less.  Trust me... you want to hear the truth and get a pat on the back at the same time realizing you aren't alone... or crazy!

What To Expect The First Year is a good preparation book you can really read at any point in your pregnancy.  I started reading it in my 4th month.  It has tons of information that can be used as reference when the baby is actually there.  It's a book I will have in my nursery at all times in the first year so that I can read about what to expect each month, advice on breastfeeding, and look to for pieces of information as simple as swaddling and bathing.

Both of these make great gifts!