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DIY Reindeer Vases

How adorable are these DIY Reindeer Vases?!? I love decorating with flowers any time of the year, but Christmas is extra special. Fake or real, I have flowers everywhere in my house. This DIY idea came to me when I saw a unicorn vase with the lashes and thought that the reindeer would look adorable all dolled up as well.

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DIY Snowy Christmas Cupcake Stand

I love the look of the "snowy villages" that are put on mantles as Christmas decorations. I also love cupcakes. Sooooo it makes sense to marry the two, right? This adorable DIY Snowy Christmas Cupcake Stand is such a fun way to transition the "snowy village" into a dessert table.

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DIY Felt Pine Cones

Two very simple craft supplies come together to make the most adorable DIY Felt Pinecones! The base of these is actually a styrofoam egg, believe it or not. Using felt for the detailing of the pinecones creates a really pretty "anthropologie" type of look without having to pay the "anthropologie" price!

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Christmas in July Santa Cookie Trays with Waterslide Decal Paper

It is Christmas in July on Hallmark Channel and we are kicking it off in a big way on Home and Family.

These trays are beyond cute, and they turned out to be so much easier than I expected them to be. I wanted to create a 'twas the night before Christmas theme for Scott Wolf, since his family loves that book during the holidays.

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DIY Christmas Wine Bottles for Christmas in July on Hallmark's Home and Family Show

It’s Christmas in July on The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show! Wine is always a good gift idea, but sometimes it can be overdone. So, I wanted to create a way to make it a bit ore special for the holidays AND have a great way to repurpose the bottles that have been given…

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DIY Christmas Cookie Jars for Christmas in July on Hallmark's Home and Family Show

Happy Christmas in July!! What is Christmas without cookies? So, I had to make some really fun ways to give and store your Christmas cookies. Video coming soon!       Materials for Santa Canister Fabric stiffener White yarn Rubber bands Scissors Wax paper Glass canister with removable lid Peach…

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