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DIY Fall Centerpiece

How perfect are these for fall!? DIY Fall Centerpieces can be very expensive to buy, so this DIY is a perfect option for all of your fall entertaining. I love decorating with food, especially when you can add gold and flowers to make it over-the-top pretty. Keep this in your back pocket for Thanksgiving!

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DIY Tropical Drinkware

It's summer! It is JUST starting to feel like summer here in Southern California. We have something called "gray May "June gloom" and that is extremely accurate. It really isn't until July that we start to have nice weather, especially in the beach towns.

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Summer Nights DIY Tablescape with Lights and Flowers

Outdoor entertaining is the best way to enjoy warm summer nights! Flowers are my favorite way to decorate for almost anything, because they add color and softness that make any tablescape look extra fancy. This is actually a really simple process! All you need to do is hang bailing wire from tree branches, or posts,…

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