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DIY Reindeer Vases

How adorable are these DIY Reindeer Vases?!? I love decorating with flowers any time of the year, but Christmas is extra special. Fake or real, I have flowers everywhere in my house. This DIY idea came to me when I saw a unicorn vase with the lashes and thought that the reindeer would look adorable all dolled up as well.

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DIY Floral Wall Clock

I think it’s time to make wall clocks fashionable again! We always check the time on our phone, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a piece of art to look at while we are checking the time? This DIY Floral Wall Clock is a perfect way to add a little bit of art into your functional decor.

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Summer Nights DIY Tablescape with Lights and Flowers

Outdoor entertaining is the best way to enjoy warm summer nights! Flowers are my favorite way to decorate for almost anything, because they add color and softness that make any tablescape look extra fancy. This is actually a really simple process! All you need to do is hang bailing wire from tree branches, or posts,…

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