Trend Worth Trying: The Brows

... Brows are back in style...

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It really is amazing how much eyebrows can impact your look.  If not shaped properly they can actually make your face look more round, square, long...etc... than it actually is.  Full discloser.... I don't even attempt tweezing my own eyebrows.  I get tweezer happy and always end up plucking too much.  So THAT I leave to someone else.  I am actually a huge fan of getting my brows threaded.  It is so much easier on your skin than wax.

One of my new favorite trends is the

darker and fuller eyebrow

! It doesn't matter what color your hair is you can pull off this look.  It is more polished.  

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I highly recommend using a powder to fill in your eyebrows instead of a pencil.  The pencil tends to pull hair out... which is exactly what we don't want.

Benefit has great products for brows.  This Brow Zing comes in light, medium, and dark.  It also provides you with the proper brushes for application.  (Here is their step by step for the application)


Brow Comb

is very useful as well.  I use this before filling my brows in.  It makes the who process much more precise.  

What do you think of this trend? Love or hate?..... I love!