Uncommon Goods Baby Favorites

Uncommon Goods Baby Favorites

Uncommon Goods Baby Favorites

As I come to the end of my pregnancy, and have been forced to spend less time on my feet, I have been starting the search for my holiday gift giving. Why not!? Even though I know when this baby gets here my free time will be limited, I think when October rolls around it is a good time for everyone to start looking at checking off their lists. I'm loving this site called Uncommon Goods, because it has unique gift ideas that are outside of the same things we see every year in department stores. You can get some really good ideas with their Christmas gift breakdown, which also has great ideas for birthday presents. Plus I like searching by the "type" of person I am shopping for including those who are extremely difficult to find something unique for...because they have everything!! We all have someone like that.

I put together a little wishlist/gift list of some of the baby items on there that I think are just way too cute!

How cute is this for Halloween!? Space Explorer Babysuit 

...because every baby needs a pacifier! Mustachifier

I love this idea for nursery artwork; Coat of Arms Personalized Birth Announcement 

My son LOVES anything that has his name in it so this personalized book would make him so happy! Personalized Birthday Book 

My son also loves anything that has to do with Christmas and anything that counts down to the big day; Personalized 12 Days of Christmas Book