Weekly Favorites

 How do you like the look of the new site? We are still "under construction" in terms of functionality, but it is so exciting to finally share the new look and feel of the site. There will be more videos, recipes, and crafts coming your way!

Aqua Romper; I recently wore this on the set of Home and Family. It is extremely comfortable, not too short, and is really cute with a belt. I love the warm fall colors with a fun tribal print.

Williams-Sonoma Spatula Set; I have these and LOVE them! It's really helpful to have spatulas in all different sizes. I use my small spatulas all of the time. These are available in different colors, and are on sale as well.

Williams-Sonoma Staub Cast-Iron Pumpkin Cocotte; I am dying over this!!!! I want this sooooo bad! How cute is this cast-iron pumpkin pot?!? I mean, I can't help myself. This would be so perfect for fall chills, and stews, and soups, and anything you can think of as a reason to have it sitting out. I'm in love!

Williams-Sonoma Set of 3 Pumpkin Bowls; With fall just around the corner, I want anything and everything that comes in orange. Does anyone else get that way? I love fall so much, and I get completely consumed with pumpkin everything.

BCBG Belt; I find that I am always adding a belt to my outfits lately, and this faux animal print belt from BCBG is so perfect for fall.

Hermes L'Ambre des Merveilles; I have loved wearing perfume since I was a little girl, because my mom always would wear it, and it makes me think of her. It also makes me feel so feminine and dressed up! I have a number of perfumes that I have gotten in the past, and they last a really long time, so I definitely feel like I have gotten my money's worth since they can be expensive. My latest favorite is this one by Hermes. I usually hate how companies describe their perfumes... they use words like sensual, and say it becomes one with the skin. That doesn't really make me want to buy it...am I right? Sooooo here is my description: it is sophisticated, classy, and feminine without being overly sweet or floral. When you wear it, you feel like you want to dress up and wear red lipstick!

Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry Booties; I really like the shoes that Kristin Cavallari designs for Chinese Laundry. Part of me also thinks that if I wear something she designed that hopefully I will look just like her...fingers crossed. These are cute and fun for the fall. I love the open toe, and slouchy detail. They also come in a pretty tan color.