Wine bottle candle holders

I love the idea of using wine bottles as candle holders!  Before getting married we didn't have any really nice candle holders.... so, when we had a dinner at our place and I thought it would be a fun decoration to add candles.  We had a few bottles stored that were either signed or just really nice bottles from a special occasion.

If the candle sticks that you have are too long you can just cut them in half.  The wick should run all the way down, and use a lighter until it melts enough wax to be used.  If they are a little too wide to fit the mouth of the bottle you can cut them down as well.  I like to have them lit for awhile before people come over because the look of the dripped wax on the bottle is pretty.

It's a simple way to have some dinner lighting and show off any fun bottles you might have!

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