Wine CORKucopia

I have an absurd amount of wine corks that I have held onto thinking that I will do some kind of craft with them at some point!  I have a bulletin board made of wine corks... which actually comes in handy!  BUT when I was planning my wedding I had ordered wine corks on Etsy that were supposed to be name place holders.  We ended up going with something else for name place holders, so now I really had an overabundance of wine corks!  To make a long story longer... I had too many corks... hence... my creation of the wine cork cornucopia! 

*I made the shape of the CORKucopia with aluminum foil.  This way I had something to glue the corks onto that was moldable and would be sanitary to put food in for decoration.

*Using a glue gun I simply glued the corks onto the foil

*I started from the smallest part and did the bottom first.  Then made my way around the shape.

*It took me about 120 corks... but you can make this as big or small as you would like!

*I cut some corks in half or quarters in order to fit them to the curvature of the shape

It's a fun idea to add to a Thanksgiving table display!  Use it for fruit in the morning, to hold rolls for dinner, and to display cookies for your dessert table.