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Leek, Mushroom, Goat Cheese, and Tomato Frittata

Don’t you think it should just be breakfast all of the time?

I love eating breakfast for any meal of the day, especially eggs. They are so versatile, and packed with protein, that I think they can be served at any time. Frittatas sound really fancy, but they are basically a crustless quiche. It is healthier and lighter than the buttery (and wonderful) quiche.

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Finding Time For Veggies with Naked Cold Pressed Juice

Time seems to fly during busy weekdays. Who am I kidding? I am a parent; I’m busy on the weekends too. It always seems to feel like I can’t fit in “downtime.” I can’t say I have a typical job, because I work from home, and then run around town going to class, going on auditions, shooting segments, shopping for crafts, and running the everyday errands. 

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