Maria bio

Hey, I’m Maria!

I love all things crafty and am obsessed with cooking and feeding those around me. I’m self-taught…and mom-taught.

My creativity was sparked at a young age by the most imaginative, organized, detail-oriented person I know…my mom. I grew up a “maker” creating EVERYTHING from scratch. My parents instilled in me to treat all of life’s moments, even the little ones, as memorable and unique, and that is what’s at the heart of From Scratch.

My goal is to inspire others to be creative because creativity equals connection. That’s what From Scratch is about -helping you be present in the everyday moments and giving you the inspiration and tools to create something that is unique to you.

I guarantee if you start to cook, craft, and create, your happiness will increase, and so will the happiness of those around you.

Maria Provenzano is a lifestyle expert specializing in recipes, crafts, holidays, and themes. As a DIY and lifestyle expert, Maria was on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family morning show for seven years. She contributes to various shows regularly, including Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, CA Live, and KTLA, as well as digital platforms Brit + Co and Great American Family. 

Maria is the creator of the site and cookbook book author of Everyday Celebrations From Scratch. She has had recipes published in numerous magazines, including Bake from Scratch Magazine, Taste of Home, Luxe Life Magazine, and Focus Magazine. She has also been featured on such sites as The Local Moms Network,, Refinery 29, CafeMoms, and Giada De Laurentiis’s Giada: A Digital Weekly. 

A native of the Great Lakes State of Michigan, Maria graduated from Florida State University with a BA in theatre and moved to Los Angeles after completing her degree. She is a wife and a mom to two happy boys who inspire her content.