boo bark

I’m just….not even sorry about this!

Listen, we get peppermint bark for Christmas and that’s all fancy, but I feel as though it is necessary to load a slab of chocolate up with candy bars, sprinkles, and any other candy that’s around for Halloween. It’s my right, as an adult, and a mother, and a human….and that’s my excuse for this explosion of sugar!

BOO bark is so fun!!! It’s basically like an adult bite of Halloween. It is so simple to make but it looks super fun and impressive. All you need to do is buy some candy coating chocolate (also known as “candy melts”) and candy and you are set!

Tips for perfect BOO Bark!

*Use candy coating chocolate (aka “candy melts”) instead of regular chocolate chips. The reason you want to do this is that the candy melts will harden at room temperature and be easy to break into the shards that you want when you make bark. The regular chocolate chip will not harden the same way and would need to be refrigerated and bring up a whole other list of issues with that. You usually can find these at your local craft store or grocery store.

*Chop up the big pieces of candy! I like doing this so that I get a little bit of everything in each bite!

*Don’t forget the salt! This is a pretty sweet treat, so you want to add an element of salt to balance it out. Either do something like salty pretzels OR you can sprinkle over some sea salt, which I love to do!

*Make sure to add a variety of colors and textures for the best and prettiest outcome.


semi-sweet or dark chocolate candy coating chocolate; around 16-24 oz depending on how much you want to make!

white candy coating chocolate; half the amount as the semi-sweet

orange candy coating chocolate; optional for additional color


a variety of candy

sea salt

candy eyes



Melt the chocolate candy melts in the microwave according to package instructions (this can also be done over a double boiler)

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat

Pour the chocolate onto the prepared sheet and spread into a thin layer (not too thin); I like to use an offset spatula for this!

Place small dots of the other colors of chocolate around the dark chocolate and use a dinner knife (aka non-sharp knife) or offset spatula to swirl the colors into the chocolate being careful not to over-swirl, otherwise, the darkest color will take over the others

Sprinkle on all the other ingredients, ending with the sprinkles and sea salt

Allow to cool completely; you can expedite this by placing the baking sheet in the fridge

Break about the chocolate into large shards and serve!

boo bark

boo bark

boo bark

boo bark

boo bark

boo bark