Something magical happens you add a little “brûlée!”

I recently made bruleed bananas to add on top of my overnight oatmeal, and it was pretty much life-changing! So, I wanted to think of other ways I could use the same technique but in an equally easy way.

Truthfully there really isn’t a “recipe” for this, it’s simply an idea, bruleed grapefruit! I remember my mom would prep breakfast for my dad, and it was always a special day when she would cut a grapefruit, place it in a pretty dish, cover it with sugar, and then give it to my dad with a pretty “grapefruit spoon.” So, the idea of eating grapefruit always seemed so fancy.

To make this fancy bruleed grapefruit, you can first cut the grapefruit in half and pour about a tablespoon of sugar on each half. You can use regular sugar or coconut sugar. Now, your brulee method could either be your broiler or you can use a kitchen torch. Either way works! Make sure that if you are using a broiler that you move the rack up in your oven so that the grapefruit is closer to the broiler. (Do any kind of brulee with caution!) Brulee until the sugar has caramelized!

Then, serve these beauties with a dollop of yogurt and a sprinkle of granola.






I want to see your From Scratch creations! If you make this Bruleed Grapefruit with Yogurt and Granola be sure to tag me on social and use the hashtag #FromScratchwithMaria. Happy cooking!