Candy Cane Heart Lollipops

So, basically, what happened, I was cleaning out cabinets and found the huge stack of mini candy canes from Christmas. Repurposing felt like the best decision, haha! 

These little heart lollipops are so adorable. They are really easy to make and a great project to get your kids involved with. I am obsessed with these sprinkles from Fancy Sprinkles. You can order your own {here} and use the discount code: FROMSCRATCHWITHMARIA15 

Video here!

Candy Cane Heart Lollipops

Tips for making Candy Cane Heart Lollipops

“Candy melts” have a few different names — Candy coating chocolate, chocolate bark, to name a few. This chocolate is really easy to work with because it melts well, without having to worry about “tempering” really carefully like fancy chocolate, and it will harden at room temperature. Regular chocolate chips will still remain slightly soft at room temperature, meaning, after you pour the melted chocolate and give it time to harden, the andy melt chocolate will reharden and you will be able to touch it without the chocolate melting onto your hands and the chocolate won’t be “soft.” You can use either for this! 

Wax paper or parchment paper will work as the base, but I always use wax paper. 

Make these adorable gifts or valentine’s for your child’s class by covering them with a clear candy bag and tying them with a small ribbon. 

Candy Cane Heart Lollipops


Baking sheet

Wax paper 

Small Candy canes 

Lollipop sticks 

White candy melts (aka candy coating chocolate) 

Fancy Sprinkles 

Clear candy bag + ribbon; optional 


Line a baking sheet with wax paper. 

Place 2 candy canes on the baking sheet to make a heart shape and place the lollipop in the center of the candy canes. 

Repeat with as many candy canes as desired or that can fit on the sheet. 

Melt the chocolate according to package instructions. 

Scoop about 1 tablespoon size amount into the center of the candy cane heart shape, overtop of the lollipop stick. 

While the chocolate is still melted, add the sprinkles.

Allow the chocolate to set up. The timing can vary based on the weather, but give it at least an hour or so to be safe. 

Remove the lollipops from the wax paper. 

Place in a clear candy bag and tie with a string to make these cute gifts; optional. 

Candy Cane Heart Lollipops
Candy Cane Heart Lollipops
Candy Cane Heart Lollipops