Cleaning House With bObsweep

Cleaning House With bObsweep

bObi Classic by bObsweep

Being the busy mom of a very messy, crazy, and super fun toddler, it is hard to fit everything I need into one day. Most of all, my least favorite thing, cleaning! I find myself always wishing there were more hours in the day!

I have two major cleaning culprits in my life, myself and my son. I work from home creating recipes and fun crafts, and with that comes a huge mess. I constantly have crumbs on my kitchen floor, glitter here and there, and tiny little craft supply pieces all over the place. Most women complain about their husbands, well, in my household I am the one who makes the biggest mess. Well, maybe the second biggest mess. My son leaves a trail of food or toys wherever he goes. No matter what, I find myself sweeping the floor multiple times a day, especially after meals and snacks. Why do toddlers not understand that they are supposed to sit and eat?

Cleaning House With bObsweep

Cleaning House With bObsweep

Another messy culprit in our house is haircut time. I used to be a hairstylist before having my son, so l cut my son’s, husband’s, and friend’s hair in our bathroom at home. It sounds convenient, but in all reality, the clean-up is pretty annoying. Hair goes everywhere when it is being cut, so I feel like I am never able to get it all when I am cleaning. Something else that worries me are hair splinters. You may be wondering what the heck hair splinters are! They are hair that is freshly cut that gets stick in your skin, usually the foot, like any other splinter. They are painful, difficult to get out, and can cause infections. They are a real thing, ask any hair stylist! This is definitely a worry of mine with a barefoot toddler running around.

Enter bObi! I am terrible about vacuuming, because it just always seemed to be faster to grab the broom. Well, now I don’t have to worry about that. bObi is a super cute, cord-free, smart vacuum. That’s right, a smart vacuum! This little circular device has sensors all around it that allow it to go around your entire house and vacuum. It is the best thing ever! I use bObi throughout the day to clean up all of the messes that build up on the floor from my cooking and crafting. I was actually skeptical about this smart vacuum, but she knows what she’s doing. We have the bObi Classic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop in snow. She even comes with a remote!

I will place her in our bathroom after cutting my son’s hair (after I sweep up the largest amount of hair), and she goes in there to make sure all the tiny pieces that worry me are swept up! No hair splinters for us.

Another really fun part about bObi is that my son gets the biggest kick out of her. He loves to press the “GO” button and watch her start working. He also loves to “put her to sleep” on her charger. He gets so excited over this bObi. He wakes up in the morning and goes to see if she’s awake too. I have had to tell him that bObi needs sleep, just so that he will leave her alone! When he came back from school the other day, he walked in and saw bObi on the floor and said, “bObi’s awake! Hi bObi!” It really is the cutest thing ever.

So, for busy households with messy kids (and parents) I think the bObi is a really fun and useful addition to the family. As moms, we dream of having someone there to clean up after us. Well, here is bObi!!

Also, if you have pets, bObsweep makes one especially for pet hair.

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