diaper cake

I was really sad that I had to miss my sister-in-laws baby shower.  Since I wasn’t going to be able to make her a real cake I thought the next best thing would be a diaper cake.  That way I could drop it off ahead of time to leave with the host of the party, and it makes for a cute decoration as well.  It’s actually pretty easy! I picked up a baby themed paper circle from Michael’s Arts and Crafts, but you can use any large platter.


You will need around 76 diapers for the cake.  I used two packs of “newborn” diapers.  You will also need 7-10 large rubber-bands (I had a bunch saved up from the grocery store, but you can get them at a craft or office supply store), and around 80 small rubber-bands (I recommend clear if you can find them). Use a bottle of shampoo or baby oil in the middle to build the diapers around it.

First roll each diaper and wrap with the small rubber-band.

Place about 8-10 diapers around the bottle and secure with a larger rubber-band.  It does help to do this with another person….. I did manage it by myself, but not without a few rubber-band snaps!


The second group is about 15 diapers.  Secure with another large rubber-band.


The last group on the bottom layer is about 20-22 diapers.  Secure with another large rubber-band.


Start your second layer with about 8-9 diapers.  Secure with another large rubber-band.


The next circle is about 14-15 diapers.  Secure with another large rubber-band.


Your top layer will be about 8-9 diapers.  Make sure that there is one placed over the cap of the bottle.  Secure with a large rubber-band.


In order to hide the rubber-bands you will need to cover them with ribbon of your choice.  I did pink and blue because my sister-in-law doesn’t know if she is having a boy or girl yet.


Wrap enough ribbon around to conceal the rubber-bands.


I bought some other baby decorations from the craft supply to add a little more detail.


If you can find a platter instead of a paper bottom that would be best.  The diapers slide around on the paper and make transporting it much more difficult!