firecracker diy

I love using something completely unexpected and turning it into something beautiful!! For this DIY, I am turning Pringles cans into 4th of July Firecracker Lights!! So, the idea is that the canister is the firecracker, and if you turn it upside down and poke holes into it then you can add a flashlight into it and it doubles as a light!!! When I had this brainchild I was overly excited about it. It is great to have patriotic decorations for the 4th of July but it’s even better when it serves a purpose. These beauties can take the place of candles, lanterns, or any other outdoor lighting you have going on.

Tips for DIY 4th of July Firecracker Lights

*Make sure to use a long enough flashlight so that it reaches the middle of the canister or higher. This will achieve the most amount of light.

*You can use a hammer and nail to poke all of the holes if you do not have an awl.

* You can decorate the canisters with foam sheet or regular paper! Either way works!

*You can print letters onto label paper! That way when you cut them out you basically have created your own sticker.

firecracker diy


  • Canister

  • Craft paper/foam sheets/ribbon

  • Any other extra decor

  • Spray adhesive

  • Decorative 4th of July picks

  • Flashlight

  • Nail & hammer or drill or awl

diy firecracker


1. First cover up your can with either craft paper or foam sheets.

2. Spray adhesive onto paper & onto can & wrap paper around can.

3. Add your extra decor like ribbon or letters & attach with glue.

4. It’s time to make your holes in the top of the canister. Using a nail & hammer make a hold into the top of the tin. Using an x-acto knife widen the hole a bit.

5. Using an awl (or nail & hammer) created other puncture holes around your big hole.

6. Insert your decorative picks into the big hole.

7. Move picks to the side & put flashlight on the inside.

8. Seal up with the cap. Ta-da!

maria provenzano