DIY Baby Milestone Blanket

DIY Baby Milestone Blanket

I don’t think that it is possible to take enough pictures of babies! Especially that first year, they change so much every month, you really need to capture those sacred moments. When I had my first baby, I used to count down the days until I could do his monthly picture, and now that I have a second baby, I am lucky to get a picture at all!

This DIY Baby Milestone Blanket is super easy to make. It’s a fun project to do when you are expecting a baby, but it is also a great gift idea. I feel like I am always trying to come up with a unique baby shower gift idea, and a handmade milestone blanket would be perfect for any new mom. You can buy these on etsy, but why would you when you can simply get the supplies and make as many as you want, because once one of your friends has a baby, then everyone has a baby…and EVERYONE needs a DIY Baby Milestone Blanket.

When getting all of your supplies, I recommend looking for the muslin swaddles. They are easy to work with for this project, and come in a big enough size to fit everything.

DIY Baby Milestone Blanket

DIY Baby Milestone Blanket

DIY Baby Milestone Blanket

DIY Baby Milestone Blanket


  • Muslin Swaddle

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Stencil numbers & letter stencils

  • Sponge stippler

  • Non-toxic black acrylic paint

  • Props


1) Place a sheet over a large table & then put down the muslin swaddle

2) Cut your stencils & pre place them

3) Dip sponge stippler into paint & dab over the stencil

4) If it makes you feel better go in & trace your stencil with a fabric pen or permanent marker

5) For 10, 11, 12 numbers let paint dry & then place the next one because the spacing for them is different & you want them to make a perfect looking square for your picture.

6) Let dry

7) Go back in & fill in gaps with paintbrush

8) Dress up swaddle with props