Hey Barbie! 💕💗💖💞

Barbie is definitely having a moment right now. I went on a mission to create a “Barbie in a box” costume that would be hands-free and walkable so that if someone wanted to wear this for Halloween, they could! Well, my friends, I was successful!! 

Watch the video here.

The real winner here is the MyColorShot spray paint! #ColorShot is my favorite spray paint for SO many reasons. They have so many color options that you can find the one that is exactly what you are looking for…which happens to include JUST the right shades of #Barbie pink!. PLUS I love the fun names for the colors. The pink that I used for this project is called “Farmer’s Daughter!” even though it is definitely Barbie Pink in my book 😉 The @mycolorshot ergonomic can is more comfortable to hold than others, which is really helpful for a project like this that requires a lot of spray painting! 

It all starts with a wardrobe box. They come in different sizes, so be sure to grab one you will fit in. The one critique that I have of my final outcome is that the box was deeper than I would have liked, but I am very petite so that may not be an issue for everyone.


Wardrobe box (that you can fit in) 

Box cutter 



White Colorshot spray paint, 1-2 cans (I used “Head in the Clouds”)

Pink Colorshot spray paint 2-3 cans depending on the size of the box (I used “Farmer’s Daughter”)

Darker pink Colorshot spray paint 1-2 cans (I used “Summer Pedicure”) 

“Barbie” logo (I just found a logo online and had it printed at FedEx) 

“Mattel” logo (I found one online and printed it at home) 

Hot glue gun 

Spray Glue (I used this Tacky Glue) 

Strong ribbon 

1-2 large safety pins 

Barbie Costume (here is the one I used) 

“Bar Code” image (I printed out a Google image) 

Packing tape 

Optional: white wrapping paper and pink foam sheets.


Get in the box (no, I’m not kidding!) and see how long you want the box to go to cover your legs while still having enough space for your head not to reach the top. The goal here is to create an open “front” of the box where you can see the top of your head to your waist. 

Use the box cutter to cut one edge of the box and the top so that it can lay flat. 

Cut the base of the box so that the bottom part will all have straight edges to look like a box. 

Use a ruler and pencil to cut straight lines a few inches away from the edges to create a border for the “front” of the box. 

This is also a good time to make sure the logos will fit on the front. 

Use the box cutter to cut out the “front” of the box (refer to images). 

Take the box outside and work on a covered surface. 

Spray what will be the inside of the box with the darker pink color. Start with a light coat and add another coat once that dries. 

Once the inside is dry, flip the box over and use the white spray paint to do a light coat over what will be the outside of the box. 

Allow the first coat to dry, and apply another coat. 

*Adding the first coat of white paint will help to seal the box to make it less porous and allow for the pink spray paint to look more even and bright.* 

Put the box back together. Use packing tape to seal the inside of the box and then seal the open edge with hot glue on the outside. 

Do the same thing with the top of the box. 

Spray the outside of the box with the final pink color of your choice. Do a light coat at first, and after that dries, follow up with another coat or two until the desired outcome. 

I added a background to the inside of the box to make it look more finished. This was a last-minute decision, so there could have been a more effective way to do this, but I added a white background with a roll of white wrapping paper. Then, I added a “frame” to make it look more finished with foam sheets. I attached it all with a spray adhesive. 

Now for the details. This will vary based on the logo size you decide on. I used the extra pieces of cardboard that I cut out to add a backing to the logos so they looked like they were part of the box. I spray-painted them pink and used hot glue to add them to the box. 

Spray adhesive is my favorite way to glue things like paper or foam because it will add the adhesive evenly AND it won’t leave any lumps or bumps the way hot glue or school glue would. 

Spray the back of the paper with the spray adhesive and immediately add it to the box. Do this for the “Barbie” logo, “Mattel” logo, and the bar code. 

Now, you can be done here; however, I wanted to make this something I could walk in and use HANDS-FREE!! The thought process here was to create a “backpack.” I did this by going back into the box to figure out where I wanted my placement so that I could be seen from the outside.

I marked the places where my shoulders hit the back of the box and where my waist hit the back of the box. 

Then, (get out of the box) and use the box cutter with a fresh blade to cut two slits on the right side and the left side (so four altogether)  to create a “backpack.” (see images/video) Cut a long piece of the ribbon to string it through the top slit and bottom slit on the right side and double knot. Repeat with the left side. The length of the ribbon should be long enough for the arm to go through and sit 

Cut two slits about 6-8 inches apart and string a ribbon through that is long enough to create a “belt.” 

To wear, get into the box and put your arms through the two “backpack” ribbons. 

Tie the “belt” around your waist and secure it with the safety pins. I like to tie it in a single knot and then secure it with a safety pin or two. 

This will allow you to wear the box hands-free and allow you to be able to walk around….as Barbie in a box!! 

Head over to the My Colorshot website to find out where you can find ColorShot near you. I found these perfect Barbie colors at Michaels Stores, but Walmart and JoAnn’s Stores have them too! 

I can’t wait to see what Barbie DIY creations you create this season! Tag me #fromscratchwithmaria so I can share them too!