DIY Candy Corn Topiary Maria Provenzano

Video coming soon!


  • Paper Mache cones

  • Craft paint in orange, yellow, and white

  • Pot

  • Paint for pot in desired color

  • Styrofoam ball to fit in pot

  • ½” wooden dowel

  • Drill

  • ½” diameter drill bit

  • Paintbrushes

  • Rubber bands

  • Acorns, moss or other decorative filling element


  • X-Acto knife


  1. Separate the cones into three even sections. Place the rubber bands over the cone and use a ruler to make sure it is even all the way around. PRO TIP: The rubber bands will act as painter’s tape to keep the paint lines clean between each section.

  2. Paint the top white, the middle orange, and the bottom yellow.

  3. Remove the rubber band and paint over the area it was on carefully. Set the candy corns aside to dry. PRO TIP: You can leave the rubber band on or cover it with something like twine or a ribbon.

  4. Paint your flowerpot as desired. Allow to dry.

  5. Once the pot is dry, place the Styrofoam inside and drill a hole in the center to the diameter of the dowel.

  6. Attach the candy corn cone to the dowel. There are two types of paper Mache cones you can use. One is an open cone and one has a closed base. The open cone gets attached by simply putting a little hot glue at the top of the dowel and then placing it on. The closed bottom just needs a little hole cut in the bottom with an x-Acto so you can slide it onto the dowel.

  7. Cover any visible Styrofoam with moss, acorns or any other decorative filling element you’d like and enjoy!

candy corn topiary from scratch with maria provenzano