It’s amazing how a little spray paint can totally transform a box and some wood letters into a chic gift for the holidays! 

COLORSHOT spray paint is at the top of my “favorites” list when it comes to craft supplies. Spray paint has incredible transformation abilities but COLORSHOT has vibrant colors and shades you can’t get anywhere else. The colors are so fun and I LOVE the fun names for all of the colors for example…Wine Stain, Kale, Bubble Bath, First Million, to name a few. COLORSHOT is better for the environment with a propellant derived from sugarcane, not petroleum, and is better for the user because it’s formulated without Xylene, Benzene, Toluene, and toxic dryers. 

This checks off all the boxes for me as a DIYer!! Head over to COLORSHOT for more information.

Getting your hands on your favorite brand just got a whole lot easier. We are thrilled to announce that COLORSHOT is now available in select Walmart stores and online at! So, next time you’re at Walmart or shopping at, pick up these must-have shades.

Tips DIY Christmas Gift Boxes

Always make sure to work and well-ventilated area wearing a mask when spray painting.

Make sure to spray at least 6 to 12 inches away from the boxes depending on how windy it is. If you spray too close to the box you can risk having drip marks.

Start with a light coat of spray paint and allow it to dry. This is the best way to create a good foundation for the other layers of spray paint to adhere to. The amount of coats will vary based on the material and initial design of the box that needs to be covered. 


COLORSHOT spray paint in a variety of colors


Butcher paper or newspaper to cover the work surface

Wood letters

Ribbon, optional

Hot glue gun 


Work outside with a mask on. 

Cover the work surface with butcher paper. I like to secure mine with painter’s tape.

Remove the lids from the boxes and apply the COLORSHOT spray paint from 6-10 inches away. I recommend doing a light coat for the first application, then letting it dry completely and applying a second coat. The number of coats needed will vary based on the material of the box and the initial color of the box. 

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Spray the wood letters with COLORSHOT spray paint. Allowed to dry completely.

Attach the wood letters to the boxes with hot glue. 

Decorate each box with a ribbon or additional decor as desired.