DIY Fall Mantle

DIY Fall Mantle

I just can’t get enough fall! I decided that I wanted it to be exploding out of our fireplace at the Home and Family house. There is just something about fall that makes me so happy! It is probably because of the fall season very nostalgic for me. Growing up in Michigan with the beautiful weather, football season and all of the fun things that go along with this time of year…I am just such a sucker! Pumpkin spice and all, I have no shame in my game.

I really hope that this DIY Fall Mantle will inspire your fall home decor. From the lanterns to the pumpkins, there is a little something for everyone’s style. This would also be pretty in some other colors like white and brown, or metallic if that is more your aesthetic.

Video tutorial here!

DIY Fall Mantle

DIY Fall Mantle

DIY Fall Mantle

DIY Fall Mantle


FALL PALLET SIGN 1. Select a fall paint color and cover your pallet with paint.

2. Choose a contrasting color and paint your letters to spell “FALL”

3. Use a dry brush technique with gold paint to add some detail to the pallet

4. Once the pallet is dry, glue the “FALL” letters, and any details you like, with a hot glue gun onto the board.

5. Let dry and hang above your fireplace.


1. Build a foundation of moss and stones inside the lantern.

2. Add faux succulent plant.

3. Add additional plants and fall elements.

4. Place on the mantle as a decorative piece.


1. Measure your fireplace to determine how many pumpkins you need to fill it.

2. Starting with the largest pumpkins at the bottom, begin stacking pumpkins and fill the fireplace.

3. Optional: Secure with glue.

4. Fill in the blank spaces with fall embellishments like leaves and small pumpkins.