diy juju hat

I have seen this beautiful feather wall art everywhere lately and they are expensive!!! After digging in and doing some research I found that these are called “juju hats.” A juju hat is an African tribal hat that is used for celebrations and it symbolizes prosperity as well as tradition….aaaaaand they are pretty!

The DIY itself is pretty easy! I recommend checking out the video below for all the good info on how to make these beauties.


  • Feather trim

  • Woven placemats 

  • Natural rope

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • Scissors 

  • Desired hanging hardware


  • Cardboard

  • X-acto knife


1. First you need to create the appearance of a concave base. Add a ring of rope inset about 1” from the edge of your base, this will prop up the feathers and create a 3d effect. 

PRO-TIP: to create a large base, cut a circle out of cardboard with a slit through half the center. To concave the base, fold the flap of one side onto the other and secure with hot glue.

2. Glue on your first layer of feather trim along the inside edge of the rope ring you glued on.

3. About 1” inset from the first layer of trim add another ring of rope. Add the feather trim. 

4. Continue to add rope and feather trim in concentric circles until you reach the middle.

5. Glue individual feathers in the center to cover any of the base left showing.

6. Hang as desired and enjoy!

diy feather wall art

diy juju hat