DIY Felt Pinecones

DIY Felt Pinecones

Two very simple craft supplies come together to make the most adorable DIY Felt Pinecones! The base of these is actually a styrofoam egg, believe it or not. Using felt for the detailing of the pinecones creates a really pretty “anthropologie” type of look without having to pay the “anthropologie” price! These make for perfect table decor  or home decor for the holidays or all winter long! The DIY Felt Pinecones could also be turned into name places for Thanksgiving for a really pretty personal touch.

Here is the link to the video tutorial from the Home and Family website

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DIY Felt Pinecones

DIY Felt Pinecones


  • Felt; it’s easiest to work with 9”x12” sheets

  • Fabric scissors

  • Low temp glue gun or glue; or “styroglue” glue that is specifically made for Styrofoam

  • Styrofoam eggs

  • Small push pins


  1. Cut the felt into roughly a one-inch thick strip, so 1”x12”

  2. Use the scissors to cut a small cut about halfway through every ½”

  3. Once cut, use the scissors to cut the “square” shape into a “rounded” scalloped shape; it’s ok if it is a bit pointed as well

  4. To create the top of the pinecone, place one of the scalloped cup strips flat on a surface and apply some hot glue along the bottom of the strip, then roll the felt tightly over itself to create a cone-like shape

  5. Glue the shape onto the top of the Styrofoam egg and hold into place with the push pins

  6. Cut more strips of felt and attach them to the egg by apply glue to the felt and then wrapping it around the egg

  7. Repeat until the entire egg is covered

  8. When you reach the bottom you can use another piece of felt that has been cut into a circle and scalloped around the edged to place on the bottom for a finished look