Candles are one of my favorite ways to “set the scene” when decorating my home. Whether celebrating holidays or flipping my decor for the changing seasons, candles always have a place in my home. Since I have kids, I use battery-powered candles more often for safety. While decorating for the spring season, I created a DIY that marries two of my favorite things…flowers and candles! 

These DIY decoupage flower candles are an easy way to add a creative touch to your space with your own unique twist. I ordered dried flowers online and attached them to battery-powered candles using Aleene’s Decoupage. This decoupage can be used to adhere the flowers to the candle and seal the flowers on the candle for a smooth finish – you don’t need another adhesive for this DIY. I have Aleene’s Premium Decoupage on hand all of the time. It is a staple in my craft room, and you can order your own too!

Tips for DIY Flower Candles:

Always work on a covered surface. I like to use wax paper for this project in particular. 

Make sure to use an adhesive that will actually work! Aleene’s Premium Decoupage is strong and dries clear. Aleene’s Premium Decoupage is a water-based sealer, adhesive, and finish all in one! This nontoxic decoupage can be used on various surfaces, such as paper, wood, fabric, and more.

Dried flowers work great for this. It’s best to use flattened flowers as they will be the easiest to attach. If you want to dry your own flowers, line the page in a book with a piece of watercolor paper or cardstock. Place the flower onto the page so they lay flat, but don’t overlap them. Place a piece of parchment paper or wax paper on top of the flowers. Close the book and wait for up to 30 days. You could also use images of flowers printed on paper as well.

Drying time will vary depending on the weather and humidity, but give them roughly 12-24 hours to dry completely. 


Aleene’s Premium Decoupage 

Paint Brush

Battery powered candles 

Dried flowers 


Apply a small amount of Aleene’s Premium Decoupage to the candle with the paintbrush.

Place a dried flower into the decoupage and apply a thin layer of decoupage over top of the flower to seal it onto the candle. 

Repeat with as many flowers as desired. 

Allow the candles to dry completely.