DIY Flower Pots Three Ways

DIY Flower Pots Three Ways

If you are anything like me, then you have about a million flower pots hanging around in your backyard! I wanted to come up with a few cute ways to repurpose to these pots in order to give them new life.

Three easy Flower Pot DIYs 

The first is a chic white pot that looked braided. It is made by rolling out some air-drying clay into strips and braiding it together. In order for the clay to adhere to the pot right away, you want to get the pot wet. After you cover the entire thing with clay, allow it to dry for 24 hours in the sun. Once it is dry, you can make sure it’s really secure by adding some glue. In my experience with air-dry clay, it actually gets soft again when it gets wet. So this is more for an indoor-type of plant.

The second pot was inspired by my website!! I love the “ikat” type of look that I have as my background, so I wanted to create that same look on my flower pot. I was able to achieve the color I love with the Chalk It Up Interiors Paint. They have a really pretty selection of colors! You know that I love finding new things to craft with, and I really liked the options they had.

Lastly, the woodland-type of flower pot was the easiest to make, and it ended up being everyone’s favorite on set! It is as simple as hot gluing bark onto a pot and covering any open areas with moss. I mean..that’s it!

DIY Flower Pots Three Ways

DIY Flower Pots Three Ways

DIY Flower Pots Three Ways

DIY Flower Pots Three Ways


  • Clay Pot

  • Air Dry Clay

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Paint

  • Birchwood Bark Sheets

  • Moss

Directions for Simple & Chic

1. Roll out air-dry clay 2. Separate into 3 equal parts and roll into long, skinny pieces. Braid clay 3. Wrap clay around ceramic pot Tip: Get pot wet before wrapping with braided clay because it help adhere to pot better 4. Set it out to dry 5. Add super glue to secure

Directions for Pop of Color

1. Decide on the pattern you want to draw onto your pot 2. Paint entire pot the color you would like the base to be 3. Paint pattern onto pot using acrylic paint 4. If pot will be outdoors, use an outdoor paint or make sure to seal it

Directions for Rustic

1. Hot glue birchwood bark sheet onto pot until fully covered

2. Add moss to fill in any open areas