maria provenzano friendship bracelets

Who doesn’t love a good friendship bracelet?

Well, my friends, I promised you my summer camp favorites last week. Since we are friends, I will tell you that it was a crazy week. My baby had a crazy fever for two days straight, without any other symptoms. Needless to say, I was holding a crying baby for two days straight and sleeping on the floor of his room for two nights. On the third night, I ended up working so late that I only got about 4 hours of sleep. On top of it all, I had work and sitters and my other child’s camp and all of the things! So, to sum up, I had to prioritize and take care of my baby and do my projects for Home and Family, which I hope you got a chance to see!!

With that said, it’s still summer, so I am bringing you my summer camp favs THIS week. Last week, I talked about how much I loved summer camp as a kid. It carries so many create memories for me, and I am even more excited this week because I am actually going to Michigan this week!!! I can not wait. I just want to sit by the lake with my family and breathe in the fresh air. 

One of my favorite parts of summer camp was the “arts and crafts” time…shocking. At the camp I went to we had an entire cabin dedicated to crafts and making cool things from scratch. Another favorite, all the friends that I made. It’s not a summer camp without a friendship bracelet. I created this DIY for Home and Family for International Women’s Day this past winter, and the feedback I got from it was so incredible that I wanted to share it on my site as well. The part that makes this even more fun is the quote attached to it! We created these for the show and I am attaching them here so that you can print them out yourself.

I highly encourage you to make these and give them to a friend. There is nothing better than something made with love and thought.

friendship bracelet

friendship bracelet

Here is the link to the video from my segment on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family.


  • Strong & stretch jewelry string

  • Jewelry beads

  • Earring tassels

  • Super glue

  • Jump ring


1. You should first measure the size of your wrist 
2. Once you get that take your jewelry string & start stringing the beads of your choice onto the string 
3. Then, to connect, take a loop from one end & pull the other end through to create a knot. Pull tight 
4. For extra security, apply a little super glue on knot & let dry 
5. Then take your tassel & push a jump ring through the top of it, then loop over the jewelry string 
6. Pinch together to close jump ring 
7. Display on a little inspiring note card & you’re good to go!