DIY Geometric Copper Decor on Hallmark's Home and Family Show

DIY Geometric Copper Decor on Hallmark’s Home and Family Show

Today on the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show, I am making these beautiful DIY Geometric Copper Decor pieces. These are so popular in home decor, office decor, and basically everywhere!! These are so expensive if you buy them in stores! Well, not the way I make them. I simply used straws and floral wire….and spray paint. Spray paint goes on the same pedestal as mod podge, Martha Stewart glitter, and acrylic craft paint. There are just some craft products that make me so happy in life, because they work! I loved this copper spray paint so much that I decided it was a good idea to spray paint artichokes that I got from the grocery store. Of course, this is a better idea to do on artichokes that aren’t real….but they are beyond cute.

This craft is very easy to do! It’s geometry, which I should have paid more attention to in high school. I simply looked at pictures of geometric shapes that are being sold for a lot of money, and created the same shape with the straws. Once you get started, you get the hang of it and can really do any shape.

I also made some really adorable hanging shapes that I placed air plants in. Now, I always say how terrible I am at taking care of plants, but I am really going to try and take care of these. For the show, since I didn’t have a bunch of air plants, I placed some faux succulents in the hanging shapes, which look super cute as well.

I am in love with this adorable trend. You can place these almost anywhere! You can also paint them any color you like. Wouldn’t these be so cute if they were pastel, or neon!?

DIY Geometric Copper Decor on Hallmark's Home and Family Show

DIY Geometric Copper Decor on Hallmark’s Home and Family Show



Copper Geometric Vase:


Plastic drinking straws (about 30 straws)

Floral or craft wire

Copper spray paint

Wire cutters


Cut the bended part off of 25 straws, making sure they are all cut the same length

Lay out 5 of the cut straws, and measure out enough wire so that there is about an inch extra on each end

String the 5 straws through the wire and bend at the space between each straw to create a pentagon shape

Lay the pentagon shape on a flat surface

Wrap the two excess wires together to secure the shape, and cut off any extra wire

Cut a very long piece of wire, the exact size doesn’t matter, and wrap the end of it around one of the spaces in the pentagon where two straws meet

String two straws onto the long wire, and bend in between where they meet to create a triangle shape above one of the straws in the pentagon shape

Secure the wire on the other side of the straw laying flat to create a triangle shape

Continue with this, using the same wire if possible, to string on more straws so that you will have 5 triangles in each one of the straws laying flat; if you run out of wire, simply wrap it around another wire to secure it, and start with another piece of wire

Cut the bended part off of 3 more straws, then cut them in half; line them up together to make sure they are all the same height, and cut off any extra if needed

Lay 5 of the cut pieces (you will have an extra piece) on a flat surface, and cut the wire so that it is the length of the straw, plus another few inches to be safe

Wrap the end of the wire around the top of one of the triangles and string one of the straws through the wire, and wrap the wire around the top of the next triangle; then string another straw onto the same wire, and repeat the process until you have a pentagon shape at the top of the triangles; cut off any excess wire

Then, flip the shape over, and repeat the process again by creating triangles, and then connecting them with the shorter straws to create a pentagon at the top

The shape will be the same on the top and on the bottom

Spray paint the geometric shape in a well-ventilated area, on a covered surface, and allow to dry

Place a vase in the center of the geometric shape, and add water and flowers!